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Whenever I get caught up in the rush of working hard on projects and I have a hard time deciding where to throw my energy, I pull back and I review my big picture life priorities. The list is a result of a self-assessment from a few years back and, in the time since I've revised it a little bit but it holds up pretty close to the original. 

  1. Wellness (Healthy diet, exercise, weight control, flexibility, strength). I figure if these things are lost, the rest doesn't matter much. 
  2. Family (Respect, support and appreciate my spouse, children, parents, siblings and others).
  3. Finances (keep my eye on income, expenses, recurring vs one-time, debt, cash flow, investments, savings, etc).
  4. Work & Career (all the things that entail my professional responsibilities to my employer and myself).
  5. Personal Goals (all the activities and goals I chase outside of the workplace) Things like music, photography, videography, web development, public speaking, story telling and sports.

These are what I remind myself of whenever things get harried in my world. What are your big picture priorities?