Decided on a whim to restart the Couch to 5K program again today. This will be the 3rd attempt for me, after starting for the first time in May of 2015 and restarting again in September. I stopped the first time because I had a minor knee injury playing hockey. For the life of me though, I can't remember why I stopped the second time. Probably intimidated by the weather. Although, come to think of it, it may be a result of getting "busy" at work. I know things started to ramp up around that point so I can believe that might have discouraged me from taking extra time in the mornings to run.

Of course, that seems like a terrible decision in hindsight. Why, if things are getting busy at work, would I skip the part of the day that affords you quiet time to think and generates energy to take on the rest of the day? That's actually why I decided to run today. I was tired in the afternoon and was considering a nap on the couch but I remembered that kicking out a run would probably spike my energy a bit. So, I found Robert Ullrey's Couch to 5K mp3s I downloaded last year, threw in my Plantronics BackBeat Go2 bluetooth earbuds and laced up my Brooks Glycerin G12 size 14s to give it another shot.

And, since no life event is complete without a corresponding mobile app, I logged into my Strava profile and recorded my activity. If you're a runner as well, I encourage connections there. Makes me feel a little less alone on this one.

I added the full 9 weeks to my outlook calendar just now. I can see now that I'll have finished the program as of July 14th. That sounds promising.