"I woke up before 5am and I got nothing done."alarm-clock

If you wake up that early, it isn't to mess around (unless you're 5 and cartoons are on the agenda).

Nope: if you're up that early, you're up with purpose. Whether you're up early to exercise, get a head start on work or take some personal time before the day officially begins, it's not a bad way to start things off. 

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miles90"Treat your current job like an audition for your next one."

I recently watched the first video in Lynda.com's Management Tips series "Working with people you don't like" and I was inspired to address the issue with my own thoughts. 

When I went through the process of hiring a marketing coordinator last year, I asked each applicant a question that I imagine every hiring manager asks, "What were your major accomplishments at your current or most recent job?" 

The applicant has an opportunity to respond with a literal answer to the question but also a chance to illustrate their feelings towards their current or most recent employer. Much can be revealed in those words so choose them carefully.

If you choose to view your less-than-ideal job as a means of qualifying you for the next job:

  • your level of tolerance will rise
  • your performance will not suffer
  • you just may improve the way people treat you in the meantime
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